Hello travelers & tandem bikers,

We are a mixed couple who are recent converts to tandem biking. TMH (short for Tim My Husband) is French and I am Indian, we are entrepreneurs and designers living in New York. I am a social biker, for me cycling is a great way to travel as it gives momentum and sets a rhythm! It gives me the freedom to stop when I want, where I want and simply talk to people! TMH, on the front end of the tandem, is a sporty biker. He likes the adrenaline rush and the athlete sensation of covering kilometers. Together, we balance the tandem bike and our lives.

We put the pedal to the metal, inspired to discover the world, one push at a time!

We are gearing for a humanitarian project called “100 heroes project.” With many parts of the world strained under immigration issues, xenophobia and intolerance to fellow humans, the goal of this project is to prove otherwise. During our bike trip, we will document everyday people who are solving ‘human problems.’ We¬†believe someone¬†somewhere is doing something¬†powerful and we want to pass on this ground level inspiration to the world. We all want to believe, again!

With love and enthusiasm,

Vasu & TM