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It wasn’t my dream to pack up and go, nor was it my thing to bike, but circumstances challenged it all.

Every card or gift T (my adventurous husband Timothe√©) has given me says “my dream is to cycle with you from France to India”. I blushed at it thinking it was cute and one of those things all people say, “If I could, I would leave everything and just go travel with you”. But here I am with T, packing up and getting ready to take off for one year!

Three years in the hustle-bustle of Mumbai, followed by seven years in the hurly-burly of New York, we definitely did not have a burn out as such. What we developed is a great awareness for different cultures. This awareness grew stronger as we traveled during our breaks. So, relying on that experience I began to work my head around this year long break. T did not need much thinking to do, after all his big philosophy in life is

“For every ten years of work, we should take a year off!”



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